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Honor the fascinating experience of walking into your own place with a tiling work that its just as marvelous and exquisite as the rest of the things you personally chose to be part of your dreamed space. In S&L Tiling, we work countless hours making sure that our quality standards are always the highests and that every project be executed to perfection.

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First impressions are all that matters in the business world, that is why you should always invest in giving your customers and potential clients a first impression that sticks in their minds. S&L Tiling is the perfect place for you to start building absolutely stunning accommodations that help your clients feel that making business with you, is exactly what they are looking for.


Tiling your spaces is not a decision that should be taken lightly and our long time experience helping people building their homes, has taught us that even the tiniest detail simply can not be left unattended, otherwise you end up stepping aside from your dream space. In S&L Tiling you will find, not just the advice you need to proceed in every part of the process, but the friendship and compromise needed to perform this fundamental task to perfection.


Protect your investment with the most reliable tiling company, operating in all areas across the Northern Territory. It does not matter how big or ambitious your project is. We are the ones suited to make it happen in the fastest, safest, flawless and most efficient way possible.